Orchardists looking to get more business out of their agribusiness are increasingly turning to Aongatete Avocados Limited (AAL) for the advantage.

When it comes to flexible orchard management programmes, AAL is leading the way.  Over the last three years,

their managed orchard operations have steadily increased on the back of a reputation for quality service and excellent results.  AAL Managing Director Tony Bradley says gone are the days of all-or-nothing management programmes. Orchardists want flexibility and the opportunity to decide when and where they require expertise.

The key difference is a pick and choose model of orchard management.  From only assisting with daily maintenance tasks to full responsibility for implementing the latest technologies and methods, growers have the flexibility to decide just how much assistance they require from AAL.

Brien James, AAL’s Client Services Manager, says the owners we work with range from experienced orchardists through to those that enjoy the rural lifestyle but choose not to be hands on in the day-to-day running of their orchard.  It’s important that we offer an orchard management programme that provides options for this diverse range of clients.

With any growing operation there are tasks that are quick and easy to complete and others that are more laborious or require expertise.  AAL’s range of contract options allow orchardists to opt to undertake various work themselves to contain costs while knowing that AAL is there to fill in the gaps and provide expert knowledge when needed.  Other growers who work off the land employ AAL on a complete management programme putting the full responsibility for profitability and success in AAL’s hands.

The export market continues to provide avocado growers with the best returns and so maximising the fruit that gets to that market is the overriding focus of the AAL programme.

In recent years, the industry has increased regulations for growers supplying fruit to export markets.  Food safety, health and safety and integrated pest management programmes are increasingly becoming more rigorous and structured, requiring improved on-orchard management practises.
As a Global GAP approved supplier, AAL ensures compliance monitoring and other essential orchard management practices are carried out in accordance with required Global GAP standards.

In the AAL management programme, AAL undertakes the compliance activities on behalf of the orchardist, supplying the inputs and documentation to a market and export compliant programme for the delivery of fruit to the export market.  With increasing costs smaller orchards are under greater pressure to be profitable.  Efficiencies in the AAL structure helps owners achieve
improved profitability. In some situations AAL’s management programme will also underwrite the costs protecting the owners from loss making operations.

Another continual challenge facing growers is the maintenance of tree health for optimal fruit growth.  AAL can monitor trees and deliver targeted programmes to sustain tree heath.  A nutrient programme targets applications for the trees phenological phase.  Regular injecting and pruning are used as core techniques for sustaining health and harvesting efficiency.

Owning and living on an avocado orchard offers an enjoyable lifestyle.  With an AAL orchard management contract the lifestyle just gets better and better.

To find out more about this new style of orchard management programme, contact Aongatete Avocados Limited.
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